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Welcome to mstdn.at!

If you have trouble with the instance (as a user or as a fellow admin), please toot the admin @nicolas@mstdn.at, send an email or contact him on Twitter: @nicolas__g


• Respect each other
• If you follow the Human Rights (EN/FR/JP), nothing bad should happen
• Don't spam
• No racism, xenophobia, sexism, discrimination...
• Please don't post illegal content (or links to) in France and Germany (except torrents)
• For NSFW content, use the content warning or the NSFW fiter, otherwise please post your toot as unlisted
• Use content warning for spoilers
• Bots and commercial accounts are prohibited. See (botsin.space for bots)
• A local account may be muted or banned if they don't follow the rules.
• We only block/silence foreign accounts and instances for legal reasons.
• List of suspended/silenced accounts/instances (pretty empty)
• Have fun

If you're not sure about the rules whether it's because you want to sign up or post something, please contact the admin.

When you'll sign up, you'll be following a few accounts by default. The admin chose them to make your timeline more lively, but you are free to follow and unfollow anyone! You should keep following @admin to get the latest news on the instance.

Blocked instances

We block some other instances. The full list is below. For disputes, please contact the admin via DM or email.